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From: David Scott
Subject: Fantasies Cum True - Part 2So there I am, staring at pictures of myself covered in cum with two BIG
cocks touching my lips."What the fuck is this?" I said."Well you really wanted to suck on some cock, so I told the guys at the
bar that they were more than welcometo come back lolita portal cp pictures to our house to continue the enjoyment." Janet said, "And as
you can tell by the photo's they really did want to bring it home.""And there is a video of this?" I inquired."Yep, but I don't think that you deserve to see it just yet" She said."I don't think that that is very far, being that I am the star of the
video, but yet I don't even get to view it?" I replied."Oh, you get to see it, just not now. Maybe after you do some good deeds
I'll show it to you as your reward." she said.So, there I sit wondering what the hell happened and more so, how did
this happen. I drink often, but not that often and rarely do I ever get
drunk to the point of not remembering anything.After cleaning the mess that was in the house my darling wife explained
to me some of the evening's events.Apparently Janet gave me some things to reduce my inhibitions. Namely
some X, some Viagra, and some Vicadine.This explains why I could not remember anything.We came back to the house and I immediately removed all my cloths and
begged to have some cock shoved into my mouth. The first guy that Janet
sucked off at the restaurant was happy to oblige. I apparently was cock
crazy and asked for another cock which I was dutifully offered by the
next guy. So, while I was sucking of guy 1 & 2, Janet broke out the
video camera and started to record everything.Guys 3 and 4 were sucking on her nipples and rubbing her shaved pussy.
It was not long after we got back home that I had my first taste of hot
cum served directly from the source. That was when Janet started
snapping digital pictures, right after the first guy shot his 2nd load of
the night all over my mouth and face. She then told me that her pussy
was so wet and that she need to cum real bad but didn't want to miss
capturing my experience on tape so she had the 1st guy spent take over
the video cam and then had me lap away at her clit, which made me
position myself on all fours, which ofcourse led to me being ass fucked
by a real cock for the very first time. She said she could not believe
how hard she came and associates it with the fact that my ass was being
filled with cock while I was eating her pussy.Guy #2 blows his hot load in my ass right after Janet came on my face.
Guys 3 & 4 are still looking for some relief so Janet tells them that
it's only fair that she get to see more that just me sucking lolita portal cp pictures cock, and
insists that they suck each other off, which they do, but I am still just
crazy for cock and make a b-line for the nearest one. So, guy 3 and I
are eating guy 4 when I feel the warmth of my wife's mouth on my cock.
Then guy 3 leaves the cock that he is sharing with me and proceeds to
start sucking me off with my wife. Janet happily gives my cock over to
him and joins me on guy preteen lolita photo model 4. Now, guy 4 is by far the largest of the 4
guys there. Janet tell's me that he must be about 9" with some really
good girth. (Remember, I still haven't seen this video yet). She is
holding the shaft of his cock and is feeding it to me. This is something
that she has fantasized about doing for months and now she was.She then says that I preteen lolita photo model asked to have my throat filled with his big cock, so
she had me lay down on the couch with my head hanging off of it and had
guy 4 jam is cock deep into my eager mouth and throat. I was pretty
impressed that I could do such a thing, being that I normally gage very
easily. But she said that I did it like a pro and guy for couldn't
handle it very long and empty his 2nd load deep into my throat.Guy 3 is still sucking on my rock hard cock at this point and is waiting
to let loose his 2nd load of the night, which Janet tells me I asked him
to deposit all over her huge tits so I could lick it off. So she had him
place his cock between her enormous rack while I licked away at his head
as it poked out the top of her cleavage until he was ready to release his
load all over her nipples. Guy 1 is still shooting video but is hard
again and hands the camera to guy 4 while he starts to jerk his cock all
over her nipples too. So guy 1 and guy 3 spay their thick hot cum all
over Janet's firm nipples and I lick every drop off of them.I really wish I could remember this. I am completely blank to it all.
No recollection, none, lolas nude dark collection nada. I really wish she would show that video to
me so I could enjoy the evening. It's only been 1 day since it has
happened as of the writing of this. As things unfold I will add more
parts to this ongoing story. Thanks for all the responses, I look
forward to getting more.

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